Monday, November 26, 2007

Statement from Jacobs

The following is a statement from Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs, as released by the school's athletics media relations department, following his Monday meeting with head football coach Tommy Tuberville and school president Jay Gogue:

"President Gogue, Tommy, and I visited today and had a great meeting. As I’ve previously stated, Tommy’s our coach and we’re proud of his accomplishments. Tommy and I will sit down and meet in the near future as we do at the end of every season. We’ll discuss what we can do to make the program better and build upon the success that we’ve sustained. Once we’ve met, I will make a recommendation to President Gogue."


Live and Let Blog said...

Joe, is your "gut" still the same concerning your feelings that Tubs isn't leaving AU at this stage in his career?

its apparent that the Hogs do have some interest in Tubs. Is arkansas still home for Tubs or is home where you hang your hat?

Joe Medley said...

Good to hear from you.
My leaning is still to say that Tubs is staying. I don't know that I have the same certainty that I once had, but it's hard to separate fact from fog with all of the conspiracy theories out there. There seems to be belief that the underlying issue here is greater control over football operations. Folks who forward that belief also believe certain trustee forces will never relinquish control. Tubs did not indicate such issues on his radio show Thursday night. His words did not strike me as "pine box" or "not interested," but more like, "calm down people." That strikes me as more believable than any coach's denial these days, but we'll see.