Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A hack's take on quarterbacks

AUBURN -- All of a sudden, I'm not so sure that Chris Todd will ultimately emerge as Auburn's starting quarterback next fall.

One, his arm is not 100 percent. If the long-term effects of a shoulder injury he suffered in junior college carry into preseason practice, I'm certain Todd won't start.

Two, Kodi Burns ended spring practice with two strong scrimmage performances. Over Saturday's A-Day game and Wednesday's final spring scrimmage, Burns completed 26 of 36 passes for 355 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

The reps he received during those two scrimmages roughly translate to one full game.

Burns also showed better mastery of the subtleties over the last two scrimmages.

He's shown he can run. Now, he's showing he can pass and run the offense. And there's no questioning Burns' personal presence and leadership potential.

If all of those qualities bloom at the right time, Burns can be as special as his high school accolades suggest.

Just a sense here, but I don't agree so much with comparisons I hear that liken Burns to former Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell. Burns is a better runner and has more personal presence, which makes him more like the Dameyune Craig I remember.

We shall see.

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