Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chizik: Assistant Coaches All Expected Back

Just finished up a nice free meal from the kind folks of the Outback Bowl. Free steak and cheesecake is never a bad thing.

We also caught up with Gene Chizik. He didn't have much to say before taking his team to tonight's Tampa Bay Lightning NHL game, but he did say he expects his entire coaching staff to return next season.

"Unless there's something out there that I don't know about, but right now I don't think there is," Chizik said. "Everything should be intact."

He also did not know about any contact safeties coach Tommy Thigpen might have had with Florida.

"Must be an Internet rumor," Chizik said. reported Wednesday that Thigpen interviewed with Florida coach Urban Meyer, who is making plenty of news of his own right now. With Meyer out, it seems more unlikely Thigpen would immediately head to Florida.

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