Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early notes from Wednesday's practice

There were a few absences in this morning's practice: QB Tyrik Rollison and FBs John Douglas and Jason King. All three players were suspended from the Outback Bowl, Douglas and King for separate DUIs and Rollison for a violation of team rules.

We will ask Gene Chizik about all three when we speak with him in a few hours.

Rollison, a highly touted quarterback coming out of high school last year, draws the most interest. A few weeks ago, he posted on Facebook that he was moving on from Auburn. His father, Michael Kelly, told a few media outlets that Rollison was headed to Sam Houston State where he could play immediately. However, Kelly changed his story later in the day, ultimately deciding to stop talking about it altogether.

Auburn has yet to release a statement about the situation and Auburn sports information said Rollison is still on the official roster.

OL Darrell Roseman, a career reserve, was also not listed on the roster. He has been plagued with injuries throughout his career. Chizik hasn't talked about Roseman no longer being a part of the team.

If all four are officially off the team, Auburn can bring in all 25 players every SEC school can add according to NCAA rules.

New Players, New Numbers, One New Name
Anthony Gulley is no longer Anthony Gulley. His new name is Anthony Morgan. He's also apparently no longer an offensive player, wearing a white jersey and working with defensive backs.

As for the new players:
QB Cam Newton is wearing No. 2
DE Craig Sanders - 13
LB Jessel Curry - 33
OT Brandon Mosley - 75
OT Roszell Gayden - 78

By the way, for what it's worth: Mosley worked with the starting offensive line today, Gayden with the second-team line.

OG Mike Berry and Ss Zac Etheridge and Daren Bates did not practice during the portion open to the media. LB Harris Gaston is currently wearing an orange non-contact jersey.

OGs Jorrell Bostrom and Bart Eddins subbed in for Berry with the first-team line.

No Drops
Auburn's punt returners didn't have an opportunity to muff any punts during an early practice drill. They were instead trying to have the ball bounce off the tops of their helmets -- with varying degrees of success.

Not really sure what the drill does, but it was fun to watch.

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