Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chizik, Trotter talk about bowl victory

ATLANTA - Here are some remarks from Auburn coach Gene Chizik and quarterback Barrett Trotter following the Tigers' 43-24 Chick-fil-A Bowl victory at the Georgia Dome.


“It was a lot of fun. I am so happy for our kids and our coaches. That was a good football team that we beat tonight. We are just glad to come in here and have the first win of the year starting our next year.”

(On the onside kick)

“There is no question (it was the momentum changer). We knew we were going to do that. We told the players all week that we were going to do that. We knew we were going to get it and we are pretty much undefeated when it comes to that kick. It’s hard to stop if you execute it right. But, it was definitely a momentum changer.”

(On Barrett Trotter)

“I couldn’t be more proud of a young guy than I am of Barrett Trotter in so many ways off the field, the way that he handled everything in the middle of the season and what a fitting end to his season. He finished it the way he started it.”

Barrett Trotter

“It means a whole lot to finish out with these guys. It was good to be able to finish what I started. I got the opportunity to start the season, and there is nothing I hate more than starting something and not finishing it. I hate that Clint (Moseley) got hurt, but I am so glad to be able to come in and send all of the seniors out with a win. As soon as I saw Clint limping off, I went ahead and took my headset off and started warming up.”

(on the long pass to Emory Blake)
“It is the same pass that we have been running all year. They were playing a tight corners look, and I feel really comfortable with that play. Emory made a great play on the ball and got open, and it was a really long play that helped us.”

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