Monday, September 3, 2007

AU playing '10-man football'

AUBURN – Auburn offensive coordinator Al Borges said Monday that Auburn’s offensive woes in a 23-13 victory over Kansas State on Saturday came down an apparent misinterpretation of football rules.
"We didn't really play as a team offensively very well," he said. "We had a lot of 10-man football – 10 men doing it right and one breakdown resulting the play to be negative."
Auburn gained 62 net rushing yards after allowing five sacks, totaling a negative 29 yards.
Negative plays and breakdowns made it nearly impossible for Auburn to sustain drives. The Tigers’ best drive came in the final four minutes, as they moved 58 yards to Brandon Cox’s go-ahead touchdown pass to tight end Gabe McKenzie.
A defensive touchdown – Antonio Coleman’s 34-yard fumble return -- accounted for the final margin.
Kansas State brought heavy pressure, lining up eight or nine defenders within seven yards of the line of scrimmage most of the night. The Tigers didn’t handle it well.
"We had some opportunities, too, after watching the tape," Borges said. "I'm convinced, if we had just been a little better execution, we could have scored some more points.
"We're just not well-oiled, and, against a heavy-pressure team like that, and you don't take care ofall your business, they are going to hit your quarterback. They hit our quarterback, and we didn't run the ball well enough to keep the pressure off."

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