Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The latest on Burns

Those who were buying Kodi Burns stock Tuesday might be selling today.
Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville seemed to dispell rumors that the true freshman quarterback might see action Saturday against Mississippi State.
Told that some expect Burns to play Saturday, Tuberville told reporters at practice, "I don't. You might be surprised. Blake Field is our No. 2."
Rumors spread Tuesday that Auburn could be looking at some kind of role for Burns. Not that Burns would unseat senior starter Brandon Cox, but that Burns could get a few plays as a "change-up" quarterback against Mississippi State.
It's not the first time such a role has been suggested for Burns. Florida made the change-up quarterback in vogue last season when the Gators used then-freshman Tim Tebow that way.
Rumors about Burns grew with wide receiver Robert Dunn's comments after Tuesday's practice.
"They give him the same treatment Florida gave Tebow last year," Dunn said. "They're kind of putting him in and letting him run a couple draws here and there.
"Y'all will just have to wait until Saturday to see what's going on."
Tuberville seemed to refute that Wednesday. Stress "seemed."
He more directly refuted talk that Burns has already unseated Field as the backup.

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