Saturday, March 29, 2008

A-Day third-quarter notes

AUBURN -- Chris Todd just looked good in leading a 68-yard, 10-play drive, culminating in his 3-yard touchdown pass to Robert Dunn on a fade.

Todd actually tried the same pass earlier in the drive and led Dunn perfectly, but safety Zac Etheridge got a hand in at the last second and knocked the ball out of Dunn's grasp in the end zone.

Todd led Dunn perfectly the second time, and Dunn won the battle with Etheridge.

On the drive, Todd did a good job of looking off to secondary receivers and anticipating receivers coming open. He made accurate dump-offs on the move in the pocket.

It's 30-0 Blue, and Kodi Burns is seeing his first action of the second half. Stay tuned.

... Uneventful drive for Burns, but Neil Caudle just hit Chris Slaughter for a touchdown pass, finishing off a 47-yard, 8-play drive. It's 30-7, Blue.

... Punter Ryan "Shoeshanker" Shoemaker is living up to his nickname. He just ended the third quarter with another duck that fell just by Auburn coaches on the Blue sideline. Clinton Durst (who?) has had the best day punting.

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