Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Tuesday

Let's get straight to business, shall we?
  • Three days after WR Rod Smith was "confused" by the offense, he found great excitement from OC Tony Franklin's newfound enthusiasm. Franklin apparently brought a completely different energy level to practice on Tuesday. He was showing receivers how to run routes. He was showing tailbacks what to do. He was working with linemen and quarterbacks. Franklin was also orchestrating a high-paced, high-intensity practice. That will be my story for Thursday's paper. Will it translate into results? We'll see.

  • HC Tommy Tuberville said he and Arkansas HC/former Auburn OC/Jetgate participant Bobby Petrino have a good relationship and that their families used to be very close. Read more in Saturday's Anniston Star.

  • QB Kodi Burns wants his chance to play a full game. He wants his chance to shine. He really wants a chance to play on an equal stage with QB Chris Todd. Will it happen? Well Tuberville says Burns will get an extended role during the second half of the season. Burns has struggled to get into a rhythm, but part of that is the fact that Burns has tried just 24 passes this season in comparison to Todd's 146. Burns' biggest criticism from Franklin has been his propensity tuck the ball and run after only one read. Burns said he knows he runs when the play breaks down, but borderline scoffed at the idea that he doesn't go through enough reads. Read more in tomorrow's Anniston Star. Burns and Franklin aren't buddy-buddy. It makes sense. Burns is Tuberville's guy and has been forced on Franklin (see: Tennessee game). Todd is Franklin's guy. I've heard some say too much is made of that. I don't think enough has been made of the Burns-Franklin relationship. Burns said he and Franklin haven't had one-on-one meetings in a few weeks. Burns said that's not a big deal because Franklin is so blunt that he will say what he needs to in position meetings. One question: Do you think Todd meets one-on-one with Franklin?

  • Tuberville wants players to speak their mind. They have certainly done so early this week. Still, Tuberville delivered a definitive message on Tuesday: Auburn will run the spread offense. The Tigers might run some other formations (including an expanded Ace formation package), but the spread will be their base formation. There's plety of reason for Tuberville to be sincere in this sentiment because the current recruiting class is so spread offense oriented. If he is being sincere, that's obviously bad news for fans that want to see a more smash-mouth brand of football.

  • Injury update: Tuberville said most players currently nursing injuries would play this week. I think that will change as the week goes along, as it usually does, but we'll see. The one player that sounds unlikely to play is CB Jerraud Powers (hamstring).

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