Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ready for a slow Saturday

It's hard to tell right now who will back up Kodi Burns during the West Virginia game.

Coaches aren't saying much about Barrett Trotter and Chris Todd could potentially reenter the fray when he returns to practice on Sunday.

Receivers talk about Trotter and Neil Caudle in the same breath, but comment on Trotter's arm strength.

Receiver Rod Smith, though, might have had the most telling response:

"He looks like he's a guy just going through the learning phases right now, trying to get everything down," Smith said. "It's tough on a guy just to be thrown in at the middle of the season. It's a lot to ask for a young guy like that to try to come in and take over the offense."
Smith also said that Burns has practiced with much more confidence now that he has been named the starting quarterback. That has apparently translated into more accurate passing and better decision-making.
MLB Tray Blackmon (wrist surgery) might not really be out for the season. Sen'Derrick Marks, who is Blackmon's roommate, said Blackmon is hopeful that he could return as quickly as three weeks after the surgery.
Blackmon started Auburn's first four games before breaking his wrist. He has tried to play in the last two games, but has been restricted mostly to special teams duties.
Even when Blackmon returns to full health, though, he might have a hrad time reclaiming his starting position. Josh Bynes has played very well in Blackmon's stead.
HC Tommy Tuberville also had this mildly encoded comment about Bynes yesterday:
"The big thing about a middle linebacker is they have to know just about what everybody does in terms of alignment," Tuberville said. "He has to get everybody lined up. In the LSU game, we made several mistakes in terms of getting people lined up after they'd make a movement and then the next week, Tennessee did the same thing and that didn't happen."
Here's what makes that quote important: Blackmon started against LSU. Bynes started against Tennessee.
Tuberville and six assistant coaches will be out of town recruiting during Auburn's bye week. is reporting that three recruits have reopened their commitments recently.
At least one of Tuberville's destinations is known: Fort Meade, Md., where he will evaluate QB commit Raymond Cotton.
De facto offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger said Thursday that receivers coach Greg Knox "really kinda handles the passing game."
Ensminger, OL coach Hugh Nall and RB coach Eddie Gran collaborate on run calls.

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