Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy weekened

Today’s Starting Lineup:
Auburn might need to find different ways to score against a Tulsa team that plays strong defense both inside and on the perimeter in tonight’s men’s NIT game at Beard-Eaves. The Korvotney Barber-Jerome Jordan matchup inside could determine the outcome of tonight’s game. Jeff Lebo called the 7-foot Jordan a bigger, stronger version of Mississippi State center Jarvis Varnado. The Golden Hurricane rank first in the nation in 3-point defense, meaning this could be a tough test for the Tigers.

Auburn's first baseball game of the three-game Arkansas set has been pushed up for 4 p.m. so fans can see both that game and the NIT game. Here's a preview.

The women open NCAA Tournament action tomorrow against Lehigh.

Spring practice now begins in four days. The Tigers will practice on Tuesday nights at 7, Thursday evenings at 4:30 with Saturday and Sunday practices as well. Practices are closed, but media are allowed to watch a total of an hour per week. We do not get to pick the hour and I'm sure it will consist of little, if any, team drill. That means we'll be taking coaches at their word -- something that isn't promising when seeking the truth and/or honest evaluation. These coaches might prove to be very honest with us. That was one great thing about Tony Franklin -- you always knew you would get the truth. We'll see how much the new coaches level with us.

Double Down on National Sports:
Andy Katz opines that Thursday's opening round of the NCAA Tournament lacked its usual punch. Perhaps that's because the only real upset, Western Kentucky over Illinois, wasn't much of an upset at all with injuries hampering the Illini.

The Rangers extended their deadline for a decision on Andruw Jones. Could this be one of the final chances for the former all-star?

Think the World Baseball Classic doesn't mean much to the American team? Look at all the guys who tried to play through various injuries, including David Wright. Evan Longoria will replace Chipper Jones on the team roster.

If Donte Stallworth was legally drunk, as reported, he is deservedly in a world of trouble after killing a pedestrian with his Bentley.

Around the League:
The NCAA is examining teams like Auburn, Alabama and Tennessee for putting experienced coaches in different positions. Ray Melick

Atlanta wants a piece of the annual Georgia-Florida rivalry game, which is currently played yearly in Jacksonville, Fla. AJC

LSU continued its NCAA Tournament stay with a win over Butler on Thursday. The Times-Picayune

Mississippi State ran out of magic when it walked into a Washington buzzsaw in Portland, Ore. Kyle Veazey

South Carolina features a wide-open running back competition this spring. The State

Tennessee finished on the short end of a fantastic first-round NCAA Tournament game against Oklahoma State. AP

Today's News
The Good:
The executives of companies that received federal bailouts still wanted their lofty bonuses. Fine, the House of Representatives says, but we'll tax it 90 percent. There is debate about whether or not the move -- taxing bonuses proactively -- is constitutional. Either way, I applaud the move. CNN

The Bad:
To Catch a Predator apparently didn't accomplish as much as it hoped. Internet predators are still multiplying. MSNBC

The Absurd:
Strip clubs are trying to make the most of the high unemployment rates by making their way into job fairs. MSNBC

Ending on a High Note:
Looking for a way to make an extra buck? Try following police suspects on highway pursuits. CNN

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