Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bubblicious? Not so much...

As I mentioned in today's Anniston Star, Auburn players and coaches were left answering questions (all from one reporter) about their NCAA Tournament chances.

Auburn was coming off a road win over a now 16-13 Alabama team. The win gave Auburn what would be NCAA Tournament credentials in a normal year: 20 wins, a guaranteed winning record in the SEC, a guaranteed second-place standing in the SEC West.

This isn't a normal year. The SEC simply isn't as good this year as it's been in the past.

Plus, Auburn has one big win (over Tennessee at home) and a bad loss (Mercer).

My colleagues have provided ample evidence for Auburn's lack of credentials: Gribble, Bitter, Evan.

Auburn is not on the bubble. It won't be on the bubble if it wins it's next three games.

For Auburn to get in the Tournament, it needs to win the SEC Tourney. Otherwise, it's NIT- bound.

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