Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mullen says he and Chizik haven't discussed Newton

Even though Mississippi State reported to the SEC and the NCAA last year that persons claiming to represent former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton sought extra benefits for Newton to sign with the Bulldogs, MSU coach Dan Mullen says the subject has never come up between he and Auburn coach Gene Chizik.

Auburn plays host to Mississippi State on Saturday.

“I never really knew Gene much," Mullen said Sunday on his weekly teleconference. "I don’t think I ever actually got to meet him until we were at an SEC head coaches meeting. So, most of that is taking care of conference business. Our paths never really crossed much. During those meetings, I congratulated him on a great season, winning the conference championship and the national championship for the SEC and representing us so well the way that he did for us last season. So besides that, I really haven’t ended up crossing paths that much even throughout my whole career.”

And during those conversations, the subject of Cam Newton never came up?

“I’ve never discussed that," Mullen said. "The Cam Newton situation to me ended almost two years ago. He committed there in December (2009). I never really thought of it much. I did when we played them last year because I know he’s a very good football player. That’s what, about 20 months ago now? None of that to me has ever come up. I think Gene is a good football coach and I imagine everything he does, he does the right way with his program. None of that would ever even be a factor in my mind.”

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