Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trotter talks after Sunday practice

Auburn quarterback Barrett Trotter talked with the media after Sunday's practice. Here's what he had to say:

After looking at the film, what did you think of Saturday's game?

"We obviously ran the ball a lot better than we did last week. Just establishing that run game and having Mike(Dyer) and O (Onterio McCalebb) having a lot more yards rushing the ball really helped the offense and really helped me in throwing, having time when we did want to step back and throw so more, to not have so much pressure."

Was there a comfort level with Brandon Mosely back on the right side (at tackle)?

"I think that's part of why our run game was working better, having Mosley over there. He's a big strong guy and it's always good to get him back where maybe he's more comfortable. I'm not real sure. One way or another they made it work.

Do you wonder if you guys are ever going to win in normal way?

"Not really. As long as we're winning, I don't really care."

Talk about Emory Blake.

"He's obviously one of the key receivers we've got. Any time we can get the ball in his hands, you can see what he can do when he gets it. That's always a big plus for me. Whenever I throw him the ball, whether it's a spot route or a post route or whatever, he's going to make me look really good and get a bunch of positive yards after the catch."

Any time you can get the ball in his hands, that's going to be beneficial to the offense. He's a great receiver and runs great routes and catches it just about every time you throw it to him. I'm very comfortable and confident throwing him the ball."

Talk about the first road trip, going to Clemson

"It'll be different, but at the same time once you get in the stadium it's 11 on 11. You've just got to kind of block all that other stuff out. You can't let that affect how we play."

What about the noise?

"It is difficult. We might have to transition and do some things different as far as signals and communication. That's something you're going to have to prepare for any time you're playing obviously another big school. You've just got to be ready for it."

Does it help to use visual signs?

"We don't have quite as much communication verbally as maybe some teams do. You can look to the sideline and hopefully get the play pretty easily."

What do you remember about last year's game?

"I actually watched part of last year's game just a little bit ago, and it was amazing how bad we played the first half. They pretty much manhandled us on offense that first half. We've got to come out and really be a lot more ready to play than we were last year."

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