Thursday, September 1, 2011

Warming up some left over "Super Trooper"

The local media covering Auburn usually get to visit with the Tigers' position coaches Wednesday night after practice.

Here's what wide receivers' coach Trooper Taylor had to say.

Are you excited about the first game?

"It’s almost like Christmas. You get to open up your presents to see
how it’s going to turn out. I just my hope my bike doesn’t have a flat

"I’m excited to see what type of team we’re going to have and what kind
of identify we’re going to have."

Talk about Travante Stallworth earning a starting spot at receiver.

"He made plays. Players made plays. The kid really pushed himself
coming back from injury. I started him at the very bottom. I tested
him to see if he was going to step up or shut it down. He stepped up.
You’ll see him flop and go to another spot. He’s crafty. He’s smart enough
that he never lets his alignment stop him from doing his assignment.

DeAngelo Benton. He was behind Darvin Adams. Now he's behind Emory Blake. Will he play a lot?

"He will, and the reason why is because at that position that is where
a lot of the balls go. You want to get it to the best two you’ve got,
and nobody is going to play 80 snaps. The good thing about both of
those guys is you’ll look up and both of those guys will be on the
field at the same time. That’s going to be good for us.

"I’ve been proud of him. First of all, he’s stayed healthy so far. The
kid hasn’t been a practice at all. He’s had several things through
camp. At the beginning of camp, he had pink eye. I don’t know if
you’ve had it, but you definitely don’t want to practice football, and
he didn’t miss a single snap. That let me know his toughness is there.
He answers questions like a quarterback now. Before, he only knew what
he had. Now, he’s answering questions across the board on plays we’re
going to run and when we’re going to run them. He gives you that
confidence as a coach and as a play-caller to get him the ball.

"If you watch the kid practice, this kid sprints on and off the field,
and it sent a message to the rest of them. It started out with just
them, now everybody sprints out there now. It just became contagious.
That’s what I like about him. He’s been on a long road. He’s as old as
I am, but he still goes out there and works hard every day."

Quan Bray wasn't listed among your top seven. How is he progressing?

"He’s getting closer. The playing time for him, his job will be a lot
smaller until he proves that he can handle more and more and more. He
better prove himself on special teams. He better prove himself when he
does get his number called that he can make those type of plays and do the
things we need him to do. And I think he will. The kid works really
hard. He’s so competitive that he gets down on himself and you have to
bring him back. You can’t let one play beat you twice. Hopefully, by midway
through this season, he’ll be a guy you can’t keep off the field."

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