Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dyer talks about Georgia loss, moving on

AUBURN - Auburn tailback Mike Dyer was one of several players who met with the media Sunday night after practice. Here's what he had to say:

How frustrating was it to lose to Georgia like that?

"It was very frustrating. We all thought we were prepared for the game and mentally focused and physically ready for the game. We had two weeks off. First quarter, first drive down there, we had a good drive, and after that it kind of went downhill. We made a couple of bad mistakes, and it just haunted us in the end."

Was it difficult not to be in the game with all the passing going on?

"It makes it a lot tougher for the whole offense to work. People have to go out there and make plays. The run's not had a lot of production as it normally does, but we just got to go out there, make plays, listen to our coaches and make things happen."

Did you guys go in with the game plan to throw?

"I think we were just going out there to try to open up the run by passing, try to open up the game. They just had a good defense. They played us very well, and they played better than we did."

Was it their front?

"A lot of twists in the front, kind of to make confusion. They just came out and played great defense. They have solid linebackers, and they came out there and played better than we did."

What about this week against Samford?

"Just trying to get back on track and try to finish it out strong. Really, just trying to give Auburn what they deserve and play hard these last two games and see what happens."

Is it difficult to perform on limited carries?

"It's always hard when you don't get in a rhythm in the first quarter and then you have to go out there and try to get in a rhythm in the second quarter. For a running back, it makes it a lot harder, but you just have to tough it out and make things happen."

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