Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moseley talks about off week, Georgia

AUBURN - Auburn quarterback Clint Moseley met with the media following Sunday night's practice. Here's what he had to say about the Tigers' off week and the upcoming game at Geporgia.

Was the off week nice?

"I really needed that break. It was awesome. Going home, it was really one of the first times that all my high school friends were in the same spot. Our whole group that we had coming up through high school. It was all of us. There was one friend who wasn’t there – he had to work, he actually works at Toys R Us in Mobile – he couldn’t come. But everybody else was there. It was what I needed. I’ve never laughed that much. We were together pretty much the whole time, made a fire, just the high school stuff that helped me get my mind off everything. I feel really refreshed. I felt like starting over when I got here today. I needed it."

What did you work on last week?

"Last week was – like I’ve said before and I know the coaches have said it – just kind of getting back to the basics and focusing on us more. Like I’ve told you before, it’s the little stupid mistakes that we make, just the little things. We’re one missed assignment away from a huge play so many times. I know that’s the case with a lot of people, but it happens a lot to us. That’s what we wanted to focus on – just making it real simple and focusing on the small things. This week we’re game-planning, but that’s what we focused on last week."

Was it nice to focus on fundamentals instead of an opponent?

"It helps my confidence and my comfort level. Those two days were two more days for me to go out there and lead and become a better leader and just kind of get used to it. It really helped and I’m really starting to… I’m really close to being 100 percent confident in the job and just where I am right now. It helped and it’s only going to get better."

Is it a different feel taking snaps vs. Ole Miss after getting a start under your belt?

"Yeah for sure. It was a lot different. It was also new. It all happened so fast, LSU and the magnitude of the game and all that. It was kind of surreal. The Ole Miss game, I’d already been thrown out in the LSU game and learned a lot and I grew up a lot. I had to handle, obviously, adversity and it really helped my confidence and how I feel mentally. Going into the Ole Miss game, I knew that I couldn’t really face a better defense than I did, so my confidence was way up and I really felt like it was a high school game as far as confidence and running the offense and not having any doubts and the competitiveness. I wasn’t not necessarily trying to mess up but at LSU, but it all happened so fast, and then Ole Miss my leadership really came out a lot more. So it was a lot better – preparing and playing in the Ole Miss game."

What does it mean to get Emory Blake and Trovon Reed back?

"Just brings two more weapons to our offense and that’s something they have to game plan for. They both require attention. You got them both on the field, that’s something the defense is going to have to point out. If they don’t, we’ll surely get them the ball. It really opens our game plan up and lets us do a few more things, I think it’s really going to help us."

What do you think of Georgia's defense?

"They’re really good. They’re really good internally on the d line. They’ve got huge guys there. We’re going to have to get them tired. When they’re fresh, they’re hard to beat. They can play with anybody. So we’ve got to wear them do. You can see that they get tired and that’s where we need to get them. They’re good tacklers, they cover well, they’re a complete defense. But if we execute like we can and we have been in practice, I don’t think they’ll be able to stop us."

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