Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday updates

We'll start with injuries.

  • RB Brad Lester (ankle/knee) is fine. He'll play Saturday.
  • RB Tristan Davis (head) still has headaches. He'll probably play Saturday, but won't participate in contact drills until Saturday.
  • S Zac Etheridge (stinger) is fine. He finished the LSU game after missing a few series. He'll play Saturday.

Here's what else we've got:

  • Lots of guys who were requested by the media today did not oblige. Injured players are off-limits. Apparently bruised egos qualify. I choose not to mention any of the culprits.
  • Auburn coaches and players still refuse to give LSU any credit for the manhandling the LSU o-line dished out. Everyone is sticking with the "misalign" story. I guess that's in the same vein as "misremembering." HC Tommy Tuberville said in his press conference today that the team lined up wrong "five or six times." DE Antonio Coleman guessed it was 90 percent of the time. I'm not sure which guess is more accurate and I will likely never know. Here's the bottom line: LSU dominated the line of scrimmage against a very good Auburn defense.
  • Auburn DTs coach Don Dunn is pleased with his group's performance (or at least was until the second half of the LSU game), but says it's still a work in progress. Read Thursday's Anniston Star for more on the interior linemen's success.
  • WRs and QB Chris Todd say one QB has meant better chemistry for the Auburn offense. They'll need plenty of chemistry against UT's Eric Berry this weekend. He's one of the nation's best CBs.
  • Tuberville made a point to talk about how well Todd played outside the pocket against LSU. Part of that was necessity, because LSU was getting a good pass rush, but now it might become part of the gameplan. Todd credited his junior college days for his ability to throw on the run.
  • True freshman LB Spencer Pybus has surpassed senior LB Courtney Harden on the depth chart. Both back up Craig Stevens, but when he came out of the LSU game, Pybus replaced him.

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