Sunday, September 7, 2008

What we learned

We did, in fact, speak with Kodi Burn this afternoon. It's easy to tell he is discouraged by the decision and it's hard to blame him. Chris Todd was almost apologetic for winning the job. Still, Tommy Tuberville certainly left the door open for Burns to be a goal-line QB and also play more than that.
I don't believe this is the end of the QB competition. I think Todd's first sub-par game coupled with a loss will get the coaches to re-examine the situation, though nobody is saying that for certain. The reason I think that is because Tuberville said this today: "He's been a big part of what we're doing and he'll continue that. That's not to say in a couple of weeks that he's not the starter. That's how this business goes."
That hardly says the competition is over.
For now, though, Todd will get more practice reps and that's very important for Auburn's success this season.
For more info, read tomorrow's Anniston Star.

We're starting to learn more about the Bynes/Blackmon situation. Per Tuberville, it seems Bynes is earning playing time because of his pass coverage skills. D-coord Paul Rhoads says we are making too much of the situation and it's a matter of substitution and the fact that the coaches are comfortable with Bynes. Still, Blackmon is the starter and there isn't any question about that.

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