Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your starting quarterback is...

Still Chris Todd.
There you have it, straight from HC Tommy Tuberville, himself.

EDIT: Here's Tubs' quote:

"Chris will be our starter. I thought Kodi did good. He played 25 snaps and made some mistakes. He came in and gave us an opportunity to get the fans all excited. He did make some athletic plays. The more he plays the better he's going to get. We need to get him in there. But you've got to have a starting quarterback and a backup. I'm proud of him. That third-and-5 play was huge. He looked like he'd been out there forever and made that play. That's just a step closer for him growing up."

Tubs did add that fans can expect to see Kodi Burns again and more regularly. In case you forgot, Auburn tried the two-QB system earlier this year against Louisiana-Monroe to limited results.
Apparently the two-QB system is here to stay.
Are you, the fans, ready to embrace it?

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