Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Early notes from Wednesday's two-a-days

  • Receivers coach Trooper Taylor talked again. There are plenty of gems coming your way later today. Among Taylor's comments: Don't be surprised to see all four true freshmen -- DeAngelo "Voodoo" Benton, Emory Blake, Anthony Gulley and Travante Stallworth -- earn playing time immediately.
  • Taylor also said he might play all the freshmen and redshirt someone who has already played. Derek Winter and Darvin Adams are the only two receivers who haven't taken a redshirt and Taylor has praised Adams all fall and spring. Wonder who Taylor could be talking about...
  • Blake told reporters today that Kodi Burns spent a took a significant portion of the Wildcat formation snaps. Not exactly sure what that means. Remember, offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has said he wants to have a regular quarterback and a Wildcat quarterback. That could mean one of two things: Malzahn thinks Burns can handle both the Wildcat package and the regular offense OR Burns might not be atop the quarterback depth chart.
  • If there's any movement in the quarterback race, it wasn't apparent. Burns split reps with Chris Todd and Neil Caudle with the first team. Tyrik Rollison spent the second consecutive day largely with the second-team offense, but no one has yet ruled him out.
  • Caudle's two drives yesterday resulted in a three-and-out and a long drive that ended in a Caudle interception. That comes straight from Caudle.
  • Safeties coach Tommy Thigpen raved about safeties Zac Etheridge, Mike Slade and Daren Bates a day after the first scrimmage. It sounds like, for the time being, Slade might have jumped over Drew Cole for the starting free safety spot. The real winner, though, is Bates. Thigpen said he forced a fumble and had an interception. If Bates can string together a few consecutive strong practices, don't be surprised if he puts himself in a position to see the field as a true freshman.
  • RB Onterio McCalebb provided one of today's best quotes when asked about his approach and scoring touchdowns. "When I get my hands on the ball, the first thing on my mind is scoring touchdowns," McCalebb said. "When I score touchdowns, I think about money. If you ask the players, 'What does McCalebb say when he gets the ball on the 1-yard line?' Most of the players will tell you, 'That's money.' Because you have to get in the end zone. "

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