Friday, January 4, 2008

Muschamp to Texas

Will Muschamp has resigned as Auburn's defensive coordinator to take a similar job at Texas. He will serve as co-defensive coordinator with the Longhorns and handle defensvie signal calling.
Muschamp was due to make $425,000 at Auburn next season, which would have made him the highest paid assistant in the SEC. Texas' co-coordinators made $300,000 apiece last season.
More to come in Saturday's Star.

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Mike said...

I don't understand why Auburn is losing coordinators to Texas, especially when facing a decrease in pay. Chizik, if I recall correctly, stated that he felt Texas would lead him to a head coaching job, but he almost certainly would've had the same opportunities at Auburn. Wouldn't he? Muschamp was in the running for several head coaching jobs this year. He almost certainly would land one in the next year or two if AU's defense continued to prosper. Am I missing something somewhere?