Thursday, January 10, 2008

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A little more on the story that we ran on the page 5C dealing with the future of a playoff system in college football.

From the AJC story ...

Here is how the other presidents responded when asked which of four categories best summarized their stance:

It’s time for a playoff but I’m not sure about this particular model.
— Henry Bienen, Northwestern
— Richard Brodhead, Duke
— Jack Hawkins, Troy
— Robert Khayat, Ole Miss
— Steadman Upham, Tulsa
Brodhead said an eight-team playoff “makes the season too long” but “we might well support a four-team playoff.”

I’m not sure what the right answer is, but it’s time to at least talk about a playoff.
— James Barker, Clemson
— Scott Cowen, Tulane
— Robert Foglesong, Mississippi State
— Judy Genshaft, South Florida
— James Ramsey, Louisville
— Martha Saunders, Southern Miss
Said Ramsey: “On the surface, I think there needs to be careful analysis of a playoff - and if the analysis supports such a playoff, I would be in full favor.”

I think college football should stick with the BCS.
— David Ashley, UNLV
— Ray Authement, Louisiana-Lafayette
— Brady Deaton, Missouri
— Dave Frohnmayer, Oregon
— Jo Ann Gora, Ball State
— John Hennessy, Stanford
— Richard McCormick, Rutgers
— Sean O’Keefe, LSU
— Graham Spanier, Penn State
— Marlene Strathe, Oklahoma State
— Lee Todd, Kentucky
— John White, Arkansas
— John Wiley, Wisconsin
Robert Witt, Alabama

Adams is sure to meet the most resistance from his fellow presidents at Big Ten and Pac-10 schools, who prefer their traditional arrangement with the Rose Bowl. He also could face an uphill battle in his own conference. Among the naysayers were four SEC leaders.

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