Monday, December 15, 2008

Chizik in, Everyone else out

New Auburn coach Gene Chizik had two orders of business once his plane touched down in Auburn last night.
He met with the players and challenged them to return to the level of their 2004 predecessors.
He also met with the assistant coaches and told them to seek other employment.
The assistant coaches who stuck around were seen packing up their offices and preparing to leave the athletic complex on Monday morning.
A good portion of the recruiting class might be leaving with them including star QB recruit Raymond Cotton. already reported that Cotton's father, Raymond Cotton Sr., was not happy with the hire. Here is a quote, courtesy of

"I know about Chizik's good background with Auburn, but I look at Auburn as being on the same level with the Floridas and Georgias, a top 10 school in the country. It's a big-time program," said Cotton, Sr. Monday. "And then we go out and hire a guy that has five wins over the last couple of years. That definitely brings some concern. I don't know if there is a lot of confidence there from me as a father. As a parent, my comment is Auburn did nothing to prove to me they want to be a winner."

More to come later on the coaching staff, once we hear from Chizik himself.

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