Monday, December 8, 2008

Spinning it forward

We, at The Anniston Star, like to spin stories forward.
Here's my take on the Jimbo Fisher situation:
He (once again) had an opportunity to deny any interest in the Auburn job on Monday night. Again, he refused to slam the door on the job.
In my mind, that means he's interested.
Fisher has to carefully play the game right now. He can't tell the media, or anyone really, that he wants the job at Auburn since he is the head-coach-in-waiting at Florida State. With that being the case, the only route Fisher can go to express interest right now is to say how happy he is at FSU and say there's nothing to talk about with Auburn (read transcript of Fisher interview below).
That's the script Fisher is following.
If Auburn comes calling -- and that's a large "if" since Fisher has a $5 million buyout and Auburn just paid Tuberville $5.1 million -- I think Fisher would listen.
Right now, I think Auburn is exploring more affordable options.
Some of those have the potential to be just as good as Fisher (see: Gill, Turner).

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