Monday, December 29, 2008

Staff answers becoming clear

Admit it: You were starting to wonder, perhaps even worry, about Auburn coach Gene Chizik's ability to assemble a coaching staff.
After all, Georgia offensive line coach Stacy Searels apparently publicly rejected the position (through Georgia coach Mark Richt) before anyone had officially been appointed to the staff.
To make matters worse, Chizik rehired James Willis 11 days after he told Willis and the rest of the Tommy Tuberville holdovers to scram.
It was starting to look bad -- not because Willis is a bad coach (he isn't), but because Willis was already on staff and had been told to get lost only to get hired nearly two weeks later.
Then, you might have turned on the Emerald Bowl and watched Patrick Nix' offense show the complete and utter inability to run the 2-minute drill during both the second and fourth quarter.
Nix, of course, was rumored to be a candidate for the Auburn offensive coordinator vacancy.
This, you might have thought to yourself, could be a total disaster.
Not even a day later, Chizik made the biggest splash of his young tenure as Auburn's head coach when he hired Tulsa coordinator Gus Malzahn to run his offense.
There are still plenty of positions to fill on the Aubur staff. Still, there's hope again for Auburn fans.
For now, anyway.

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