Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What they're saying...

Since Auburn released its own "What they're saying..." about the Gene Chizik hire, I figured I would do the same.
Here's a rundown of what some ESPN personalities had to say:
Kirk Herbstreit: "I happen to know Gene Chizik very, very well and I think it's an outstanding hire."
Colin Cowherd: "I know Turner Gill took arguably the worst program in the country in Buffalo -- three years later, MAC champion. That is remarkable. That to me, is a big buzz. That to me, especially in the Southeastern Conference -- African-American coach -- is real progress, and really smart. I, personally, couldn't hire a guy who was 5-19 over the last two seasons... It's hard to argue this hire being reasonable. Sorry, just is. When Charles Barkley says that race was a factor, hard to argue."
Mike Greenberg: "This is one of the strangest hires in mankind... It's just a startling, startling decision, I think, on the part of the University."
Mike Tirico: "If you look only at his record, it's an unbelievably poor hire, but we know the guy -- we understand him and we believe he's going to be a good head coach, so it makes sense to us."
Scott Van Pelt: "I said this with Tommy Tuberville: If you're going to make a move, you need to make sure you're going to have someone who's going to be better and you need to have them locked up before you make this move... Let me give you some common denominators: San Diego State went 2-10; Miami of Ohio went 2-10. You know what they did to their coaches? They fired them. Iowa State, they didn't have to fire their coach because Auburn came in and said, 'That's our guy.' How in the heck do you identify a guy who went 2-10 and doesn't win a conference game as 'The Guy'?

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