Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Auburn has lousy practice

AUBURN – Auburn coach Gene Chizik was displeased with the first of two practices on Tuesday.

“I thought today, the morning practice was not good,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I thought they were trying to pace themselves to try to get through and to the next one, which is very discouraging. But I thought their focus was not there, the way we expected. I thought they tried to be physical. I thought they tried to do some things when it came to playing with effort. The mental part of it was definitely not there. We’ve got to get better at that this afternoon.”

Auburn cornerback T’Sharvan Bell said it was easy to pick up on Chizik’s displeasure.

“It was clear it wasn't a good practice,” Bell said. “I think as far as physicality, we're heading in the right direction. But when we're going there, we're losing the little things - alignment, technique. And that can't happen. Not in this league.

Bell said he did his best to provide motivation.

“I brought it up in practice,” He said. “Don't just try to survive out here. If you're able to walk off the field and you're breathing, you ain't doing enough. I tell guys: ‘Pass out. We'll carry you in.’ Definitely, I’ve seen some guys just trying to survive. That goes for the whole team. That's on defense as well.”

Better at night

Auburn followed up the disappointing morning practice with a better practice in the evening.

“They bounced back,” said Auburn wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor. “That’s good to see. It shows some leadership is coming through and that’s what we’re trying to get across to this team. We need guys to step together.

Taylor said the focus in the afternoon practice was “alignment and assignment.”

“Just getting the guys to do what they’re supposed to do,” Taylor said. “In fact, we didn’t install anything new. It was mainly going back and fixing things the guys blew up this morning.”

Frost out for year

Chizik confirmed Tuesday that freshman linebacker Kris Frost is out for the year.
Frost had shoulder surgery in July.

“It’s not going to be this season,” Chizik said when asked when Frost would be able to return. “No way. He’s in a very thorough rehab process. He’s doing very well, but it’s going to be a window of a few months.”

Frost, a five-star recruit, would likely have played for the Tigers this season.

“Oh, there’s no question,” Chizik said. “We were counting on him to help us. I hate to see it. All these young guys come in and they’re excited and they know they have the chance to help and play and he had that opportunity. But he’ll rebound and he’ll be great.”

Chizik lukewarm on Phillips

Chizik would like to see more out of Ladarious Phillips, a redshirt freshman fullback out of Handley High School.

“It depends on which day you ask me,” Chizik said when asked about Phillips’ progress. “Some days he looks like he has made some progress. Some days he takes two steps back. I certainly have not bought any stock in his development yet, but he has shown flashes that he can do some things we’re asking him to do, but he’s got a long way to go.”

Chizik was also asked about Phillips’ conditioning. He’s listed as 6-0, 293 pounds on the roster.

“In that regard he’s got a long way to go as well,” Chizik said.

Walk-on QB returns

Walk-on quarterback Logan Paul is back on the roster. A spot for Paul opened up after walk-on wide receiver Codey Frederick decided to leave the team.

Denson making his mark

Auburn quarterback Barrett Trotter singled out Jaylon Denson when asked which of the Tigers’ freshmen wide receivers looked good.

“He's been doing good, stepping up and making plays,” Trotter said. “For him, it's just one of those things where he's one of those guys who has the talent to step up and play some for us this year. He has to make sure he knows exactly what to do. That's something they're doing a good job of.”

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