Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tigers start perparation for Utah State

After a two-day break, Auburn resumed practice on Tuesday. Here's what Auburn coach Gene Chizik had to say following the workout.

“Today I thought we had a good practice. Went full gear and did some good work against each other. Also worked some Utah State for the first time. So we had a good balance in there. Overall, I thought we had a good tempo today. Worked some special teams. Overall, it was a good day.”

How did the guys respond after having a couple of days off?

“It was good. Again, some of the guys were kind of nicked up, bumped and bruised, I thought they were running around a little bit better today. So I think a couple days off helped for sure, but overall there was a little extra pep in their step, so it was a good day.”

Introducing some work on the opponent make it sink in that game is approaching?

“I think it does. I think the reality sets in that, wow, we’re finally after all this three weeks of camp, I think it finally dawns on them that we’re getting ready for a game. Again, as we expected the focus was certainly there tonight. I think the reality has set in. I think a lot of the younger guys are still trying to figure out how to prepare and how the flow of practice goes now when you’re starting to zero in on an opponent. But again, they’re learning and every day we’ll get a little smoother as we go.”

Got your two-deep nailed down?

“We’re getting close. We feel really good by the weekend we will have a really good idea which direction we’re heading. We’re paring it down right now and it’s getting close.”

Did you work scout teams?

“We did.”

How is Craig Sanders coming along?

“Craig is doing really good. He’s one of those guys who just works every day. He really, really wants to be, not just a great player, but a great teammate. Whatever he can do for the team. Special teams, whatever he can do at defensive end. He’s one of those guys you never have to worry about him. He’s always out there working. And he’s gotten better. I’m really proud of the direction he’s going and I think his best days are still ahead of him.”

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