Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trotter says football tougher than academics

By Charles Bennett

AUBURN – Football is much harder than the academics at Auburn.

That’s the view of Auburn quarterback Barrett Trotter, who has yet to start a game for the Tigers, but who will receive his degree in Communications on Saturday.

“I definitely think the hardest part of college is not class, it's the football side,” said Trotter, who begins fall camp today in a battle with Clint Moseley for the starting job. “Without football in the few times we've had class and been off for a few days, the school part seems like nothing. It seems like a breeze compared to football. When you combine it, it's definitely a struggle sometimes and hard to keep up with all the work and everything. But you can do it as long as you keep your head straight.”

Trotter plans to take graduate classes in the fall in Public Administration.

He says he isn’t sure what he wants to do after college.

“No, I've thought of that and haven't gotten really far,” he said.” I don't know. All I've ever done pretty much is football. I haven't really worked a real job.”


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