Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big win

Auburn didn't get big games out of any of its starters Wednesday night.

The Tigers didn't shoot the ball especially well on 3-pointers.

However, Auburn's bench scored 26 points and the Tigers out-rebounded Arkansas during Auburn's 75-62 win Wednesday night.

Auburn's bench performance, specifically, stood out. Lucas Hargrove scored 14 points and Frankie Sullivan and Brendon Knox each scored six points apiece.

Hargrove has played, and scored, well enough to start for most of the season. Sullivan, who every day looks more like the future of the Tigers' program, has shown enough progress to start as well.

Knox, on the other hand, hadn't played well at all recently. With Johnnie Lett missing his third consecutive game Wednesday and the possibility of him missing significantly more time, Knox needed to emerge as a reliable player.

With his rebounds and defensive pressure, Knox did just that.

The Quantez Robertson situation might have also reached a head. This is worth monitoring. Robertson did start Wednesday night, but played just 11 minutes. That included a minute at the end of the game when Auburn coach Jeff Lebo emptied the bench. Robertson, predictably, was not happy -- most likely with the fact that he was inserted into the game in the final minute. Korvotney Barber, who had 11 rebounds, consoled Robertson as they walked off the court. It will be interesting to hear/see if Lebo sticks with his senior guard.

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